VidType develops “Slow TV” platform for Scandinavian Startup, Televindu

Televindu: Slow TV Top Shelf Image for tvOS Apple TV
Top Shelf Image for Televindu on tvOS

Slow TV: A Breath of Fresh Air

Enjoy feeling present in time and space with Slow TV. Sail into the sunset, explore your dream destination, bike across countries, or set the mood with a fireplace – the choice is yours!

On Televindu, you will find hundreds of hours of Slow TV. Slow down, take a deep breath, and explore the world at the pace of life.

Video On Demand Slow TV Categories

Seeing the World Has Never Been Easier

  • Find Slow TV you like in our easy-to-use categorized video platform.
  • Discover new videos in our Vindu TV channel.
  • Download your favorite videos to your device.
  • Cast to any screen with Apple TV or Chromecast.
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience.
Slow TV Login and Main Menu Screenshots

Robust Features Built on the VidType Platform

Televindu brought us a great concept, they’ve dubbed “Slow TV” and we delivered a business ready solution. Their app required some custom developments to the VidType platform, particularly so they could authenticate paid subscribers through Stripe.

With these new features built, VidType is more powerful and resourceful than ever.

Slow TV: Vindu TV

The first option users are presented with upon launching the app is Vindu TV. If a viewer selects this, they will drop in on any already playing broadcast, using Flow Mode™ our powerful linear video scheduling engine. This allows viewers to tune into whatever you have programmed and perhaps discover something new by chance.

User Login and Subscription Authentication

Televindu: Slow TV is a premium service. Like many other video platforms, they charge a subscription fee to access their content. This model is commonly known as SVOD, Subscription Video On Demand. When a user signs up and pays for a subscription on the Televindu website, they create a login for the app.

When a user opens the app they are presented with a login screen. The app checks the payment database to see if the login is valid,

Offline Viewing

We placed a download icon in the top-right corner of each video thumbnail. This allows subscribers to intuitively select their favorite videos for offline viewing. A checkmark is placed on the download icon and the download begins in the background. When the download is complete this video will be available in the “Offline” section of the app, even when there is no internet connection. Check out our recent platform update for more information about Offline Mode.

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