Chromecast Support, Live Streams, and Offline Mode added to VidType Platform

Brand New Features coming to VidType Streaming Apps

Pictured is a bare bones home screen for a demo app, showing some of the latest features made available on our platform.

You’ll notice in the top left corner, there is a “Cast” icon. This icon becomes available when the user has a Chromecast or Google Cast enabled device connected to the same network as the mobile device. 

Tapping cast brings up a list of all Chromecast/Google Cast devices on the network, allowing you to pair your iPhone to your TV. 

This way, the viewer’s phone/tablet acts as a remote control with its own screen, allowing you to browse and select a video on the mobile, that then plays on the TV.

In-App Live Stream Broadcasts

Not to be confused with our linear content scheduling engine (FlowMode)… We now support Hyper Live Streams (HLS) with our brand new Live Stream feature, for truly Live content. Use your live stream encoder of choice to create an HLS. Provide us with the URL to your stream. Then, when you go live, our Dynamic Live stream feature will become available as an option to your audience when your stream is active.

When your stream goes live, an additional button (pink in mockup) for the live stream will present itself on the home screen. If the live stream is currently in inactive, only the other available modes will be visible.

Chromecast, Live Stream, On Demand, and Offline Support

Let your Audience Save Videos for Offline Viewing

This features allows your audience to check a box in the corner of the video thumbnail to save that video to the device so it can be watched without a connection to the internet. The video is not saved to the user’s camera roll. Instead, there’s a brand new option available on the home screen dedicated to content available offline. This way they can only access the video from your app. 

Here’s how it works… While browsing your On Demand catalog of videos, your viewers will be able to tap the download icon to place a checkmark on any of the videos. The download happens in the background. This way they can download more than one at a time, or continue to use the phone for other tasks while the video downloads seamlessly behind the scenes.

Videos saved to the Offline/Downloads section will be organized with the same easy-to-navigate structure as your On Demand section. Videos will be displayed within their proper categories, but instead of showing the whole library, it will only show the videos which have been selected for Offline Viewing.

It is equally easy to unmark the video for download, which removes that video from the Downloads section, and frees up the space on the device.

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