New Channel Flexes Some of VidType’s Latest Features

Damage TV by Damage Entertainment Network Television, coming soon to iOS and tvOS

Our most recent App Store submissions feature our newest developments like a brand new On-Demand Video Library and front-end redesign. Using just a web browser, the client is able to easily categorize videos in an unlimited number of groupings… Music Videos, Interviews, Documentaries, Feature Films, etc.

Reorder Video Albums at Any Time

This client requested to be able to reorder the on-demand albums, specifically so that he can create a “What’s New” category, featuring recent content, and conveniently place that collection of videos at the top.

Linear Playout, VidType’s FlowMode

In addition to offering a well-structured library of videos, he is also managing a FlowMode linear channel. This enables the client to queue lists of videos for any day and time of the week. Or just set it on auto-pilot.

Dynamically Update your own News Ticker

In linear mode, the owner of the channel can add scrolling text to the bottom of any video… similar to a news ticker. This text can be easily updated at any time by the client using just a web browser. Broadcasting dynamic text announcements on top of your videos just became very easy.

Watermark Overlays

There is no need for this client to burn logos into the corner of his videos anymore, he can do that now by simply uploading the graphic to any of his video albums. Each album can have its own watermark, and it’s very easy for the channel owner to swap them out using just a web browser.

Overlay Graphical Links on Video Player

The linear mode (Flow Mode) also features a brand new social media mini-menu, overlayed on top of the video player when viewing on mobile. When the user is interacting with the app, like pausing or changing the volume, 4 vertical tiles will appear in the top left corner of the video player. These are links to the channel’s website and social media accounts.

Custom URL Button for Each Video

In addition to the static links in the mini-menu, there is the ability for each video to have its own associated URL. If a video has a URL attached to it, an additional button will appear in the mini-menu overlay. This one feature holds extreme power. Channel owners are now empowered with the ability to drive traffic to any product or website URL directly from the video player.

This is also useful for viewers as the feature can be used to give them contextual info on the video they are watching. For example, if it’s a music video the link could be to purchase the song on iTunes. If they’re watching a book review, it could be a link to buy the book on Amazon. If it’s a feature film it could be a link to the film’s IMDB page. And since this feature is on mobile, it could even be a link to dial a phone number.

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